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1099/W2 Employer Filings

Filing tax forms 1098, 1099, W-2 and many more has never been easier. With our online filing service, we electronically file your end of year tax forms with the IRS  and deliver your recipient copies. It's simple and fast and your filing history is available online.

We have made the entry and filing of data convenient and economical while guaranteeing that your data is filed timely with the appropriate IRS office.


Step 1, Enter your Data

Step 1: Enter Your Data

Simply send us an excel spreadsheet, use our template, enter your information below or call us and provide the information over the phone.  

Download Excel Form 

Step 4: Electronic Filing

Step 2: Electronic Filing

During tax filing season, we electronically file to the IRS daily. You will receive an email notification once the agency has accepted your filings.

Step 5: Form Delivery

Step 4: Form Delivery

Next, we e-deliver or print and mail your recipient copies if you selected the E-File & Delivery filing option during the checkout process. Recipient copies are mailed via U.S. Postal Service to the recipient. PDF versions of the forms, other than "Copy A", are always available online for you to download.

Step 5: Form Delivery


End-of-year tax reporting is a time-sensitive process so we like to keep our customers updated every step of the way. We send email notifications for:

Confirmation of account set up
When payment is made
When the IRS and/or SSA accepts filings
When recipient copies have mailed
Recipients are notified when filing occurs and when the IRS and/or SSA accepts if an email address was provided

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